Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens. It is the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the united states. Admission is Free.
Located off Highway 11 in Hilo on the Island of Hawai'i.

Friends of the Pana`ewa Zoo Newsletter
Newsletter October 2015

From the President

We thought our Friends of the Zoo (FOZ) members might like to know where their donations go. In the past few years, FOZ has been much more active in helping with projects at the Zoo. As a result, our savings account is about half what it was last year. We will be doing some fundraising in the near future to increase our savings so that we are able to continue our financial help for the only Rainforest Zoo in the country.

These are some of the projects that we assisted with recently:

News Briefs ...
December 2011
Hilo Zoo New Playground
Christmas for the Animals 2011. Click here for the holiday slideshow!

October 2011
Hilo Zoo New Playground
Namaste received his Halloween pumpkin. Click here for slideshow of the day!

September 2011
Hilo Zoo New Playground
Namaste (the White Bengal Tiger) celebrated his 13th Birthday this month and a nice party was thrown, which included a blessing ceremony for the new Playground. Mahalo to all the community members that made this possible!

Click the image for larger view or click here for full slideshow of the days events!

July 2011
New lemur 5/20/2011Lemur 5/20/2011Our Amorphophallus Titanum (Corpse Plant) will be blooming in the near future. It was 40” tall yesterday and is growing at the rate of 3 to 4” a day. Here are photos from yesterday (July 27th, 2011).

New PlaygroundNew alpacasThe new playground has been completed and the new Alpacas have arrived. Meet Hoochy Coochy Man (Hooch) with the halter on, Saratoga (Sara) & White Ginger (Ginger) the smaller of the 2 girls on the other side of the fence.
June 2011
Construction has begun on the new playground for the Zoo. Work should be completed by the end of July 2011.

May 2011
New lemur 5/20/2011Lemur 5/20/2011The 4 new ring-tailed lemurs have arrived and will be on display as soon as they have passed their vet inspection.
July 2008
Max the Catalina MacawMax the Catalina Macaw celebrates his 20th birthday on the 15th, while the Zoo celebrates it's 30th Anniversary on the 26th.   corpse plantThere may be a special treat in the coming months as the amorphophallus titanum or "corpse plant" leaf has withered and after a dormancy period of 2-4 months, the plant may finally emerge with the rare "corpse flower"!
May 2008
Cotton-top TamarinsA pair of Cotton-top Tamarins have arrived! They are a gift from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Male "Opus" was born 4-13-2000, and female "Cousteau" was born 3-2-2002. They are enjoying their new enclosure between the kinkajous and the Primadome. You can see more photos of them on the "Zoo Interactive Tour" page of the website.   alligator snapping turtlealligator snapping turtleA 52lb. female alligator snapping turtle, caught in Lake Wilson on Oahu, is sharing an enclosure with the common snapping turtle. She may be hard to spot hiding under the water hyacinths of her pond. "Ms. Wilson"
April 2008
raffia palmraffia palmThe raffia palm is starting to bloom! This very versatile plant will take many months to complete the opening of the large pendulant stalks, flowering, and fruiting before it dies. This palm is located behind the axis deer enclosure, next to the new shade structure on the Petting Zoo walkway.
March 2008
Zoey Manu, a very friendly hyacinth MacawZoey Manu, a very friendly hyacinth Macaw, has finally made her public debut in her new exhibit. She has been working with a group of "Aunties" who have volunteered to be her new family, interact with her and eventually the public.Also on display are two painted honu from artists Dick Mortemore and Hopper Sheldon.
December 2007
Einstein the white umbrella cockatooEinstein the white umbrella cockatoo has announced his arrival in his new exhibit next to the Toucans.
April 2007
The kinkajous, Lilo and Stitch, have been moved to one of the new enclosures next to the Primadome and their new sleeping box should make it easier to see them while they sleep away the day. Their old spot will be used for Igorina the turkey vulture's new home.
March 2007
snapping turtleWe received a common snapping turtle and a bearded dragon from the Dept. of Ag in Honolulu. The turtle has been moved to the pond next to the pigs and the very friendly bearded dragon is across from him, next to the giant day gecko.

Zoo Open 9-4 daily, except Christmas and New Years's Day. Petting Zoo, Every Saturday 1:30-2:30. Tiger Feeding 3:30 daily.

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